Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Probing a Foxx

According to this morning's News & Observer, two voters have requested the Federal Elections Commission to look into Virginia Foxx's campaign finances ... "John Whidden V of Winston-Salem filed an FEC complaint Monday asking for an investigation. A complaint from Paul Michael Cox of Yadkin County is dated Feb. 27."

"Jack Hawke, Foxx's campaign consultant, said Foxx has admitted to making two mistakes -- paying for a phone line and the chamber membership from the state fund -- and has corrected them both.

"Hawke said he's going to ask the FEC to investigate immediately because the results will exonerate Foxx and prevent opponents from using it as a campaign issue.

" 'My hope is we can get someone to listen to reason,' he said."

We won't be satisfied until she's bunking with Meg Scott Phipps.

UPDATE: There's a longer article in the Winston-Salem Journal here.

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