Friday, March 05, 2004

Dick Burr Has Piles

The Federal Elections Commission has reported that U.S. Congressman Richard Burr, Republican candidate for John Edwards' Senate seat, had some $5 million cash on hand at the beginning of the year.

"Burr had a fatter bank account than any candidate for an open Senate seat in the country. The only six candidates who were more flush were incumbent Sens. Barbara Boxer of California, Charles Grassley of Iowa, Charles Schumer of New York, Richard Shelby of Alabama and Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania."

Slightly over a million of those $$ came from political action committees and other special interests. Yes, we know.

In comparison, Burr's likely opponent, Charlotte investment banker Erskine Bowles had $1.8 million. Bowles also happens to have the largest campaign debt of any Senate candidate in the country -- $6.8 million -- from his unsuccessful run two years ago against Liddy Dole.

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