Monday, March 15, 2004

Burr to Bush: "Don't Call Us"

Now THIS is verrrrry interesting ... that Dick Burr, Republican candidate for John Edwards' senate seat, in front of an audience of high school students in Raleigh, apparently turned a cold, hard shoulder to President Bush's holy war on behalf of an anti-gay marriage Constitutional Amendment. "Whether there should be civil unions, Burr said, should be left up to the states," according to "Under the Dome" in the Raleigh News & Observer.

Anyone want to take bets about how Burr will change his tune when he gets to, say, Watauga County for the Lincoln Day dinner? And wouldn't you think the local press might want to ask him about his so clearly breaking ranks with the vaulted Prez on this issue ... at least while he's in front of culturally liberal students in Raleigh. Who knows what he'll say in front of the culturally illiberal, though we can certainly guess.

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