Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Bob Woodward's New Book Is On Deck

Lloyd Grove, who used to write gossip for the Washington Post and now hangs out at the tabloid New York Daily News, says that Bob Woodward's next book on the Bush administration's war on terror is going to be "very bad for the Bush reelection campaign." Other gossip we heard somewhere on Sunday in the welter of TV gasbags says that Colin Powell has dished the unvarnished truth to Woodward in an effort to save what's left of his tattered reputation, since he plans on leaving this regime no matter whether Bush is reelected in November or goes down in flames to Lurch.

The new Woodward book, "The Plan of Attack," is due out next month and will be excerpted in a multi-part series in the Washington Post as well as featured by Mike Wallace on a 60 Minutes segment on April 18.

Eric Alterman says that Woodward is trying to redeem himself after his kiss-ass performance in "Bush at War."

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