Saturday, March 20, 2004

5th District Republican Congressional Debate -- Oy!

Just watched "Dawn of the Living Dead," I mean, the Republican 5th District Congressional candidates "debate," or whatever the hell it was, on Channel 12 (WXII), coming live from Kernersville.

One sentence will do to sum it all up, until I get my hands on the transcript: "Nuke a Godless, Communist, Gay Baby Seal FOR CHRIST!!!!"

Virginia Foxx, for all you Foxx hunters out there, somehow managed to induce moderator Cameron Kent to address her consistently as "Dr. Foxx," as though she were a noted gynecologist. She was seated directly next to her chief tormentor Vernon Robinson, which must have made for some interesting dynamics during the cream cheese and punch hour.

I'm tellin' ya ... this current crop of Repub candidates for Congress is enough to make you swear off hallucinogens!

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