Friday, March 26, 2004

Bush Protestors, Supporters Engage in Brawl in Boston

Well now! FINALLY, some political dissenters who weren't ABOUT to move to one of those infamous "free-speech zones"! And in this case, several hundred brawny guys, many wearing Ironworkers union hats and carrying signs ("How About Some Jobs HERE?" and "Get the Terrorists Out of the White House"), gathered outside a Bush million-dollar fundraiser at the Park Plaza Hotel in Boston last night. (Boston Globe account here.)

When the local cops tried to move the protestors out to a distant "free-speech zone" -- leaving pro-Bush demonstrators and their signs strictly alone -- some of the ironworkers took umbrage, and fists started flying. That's one version. Another says the anti-Bush guys went after some pro-Bush frat boys after being taunted. I'd be raising money for a legal defense fund right now, except that the local cops decided not to arrest anyone. At least, so says the Boston Globe. Would you call that a "politically inspired" decision? since jailing a bunch of Reagan Democrats might not be the photo op the Rovians are looking for?

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