Tuesday, March 16, 2004

The Madness of King Howard

We highly recommend you take a look at Anna Quindlen's judicious post-mortem on the Howard Dean candidacy, its legacy for the Democrat Party, which Quindlen says Dean miraculously brought back to life, like any good doctor would! The Re-Animator! The Passion of The Howard!

Here's a mere sampling of some of what she has to say: "You [Quindlan is addressing Howard Dean directly] raised the level of John Kerry's game -- and the pitch of his voice. The Democrats started acting authentic again, not like moderate Republicans who were willing to be friendly to union members and black women for old times' sake. The Pew Research Center did a survey that showed, by the numbers, the real and substantial differences between the parties. Two obvious examples: seven out of 10 Democrats believe government should do more to help the poor, while only four out of 10 Republicans share that belief. That proportion flips when the question is whether the government is run for the benefit of all; 69 percent of Republicans agree with that contention, while only 44 percent of Democrats do...."

Much of the thrust of Quindlin's essay is directed at how Howard Dean energized the younger generation to hope for actual change in government as a wholly-owned subsidiary of big business ... and her fear (and ours) that large numbers of those idealistic young people will now go to Nader out of the aching need for "purity" in politics: "Unlike most catalyst candidates, who make things happen and then disappear, you [Howard Dean] could use your influence to bring young people to the polls, to convince them that what happens in the Oval Office really will affect their lives and that they have a stake in affecting the outcome. You could convince like-minded independents that there is a real difference between the two parties and point out where their true interests lie...."

Dean will launch his new movement, his new website, and his new blog on Thursday, March 18th. We look forward to his message, to his influence, to his sheer madness for ousting this present regime. If John Kerry is The Anointed One, then John Kerry it is!

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