Monday, March 22, 2004

Another Dukakis?

Dear sweet ole grandfatherly Walter Cronkite has written an open letter to John Kerry, which, once it's been read, can then also be used to strip furniture. In it, Cronkite warns Kerry that he's beginning to resemble Michael Dukakis in his skittishness at being called "liberal," and concludes with this paragraph:

"If 1988 taught us anything, it is that a candidate who lacks the courage of his convictions cannot hope to convince the nation that he should be given its leadership. So, senator, some detailed explanations are in order if you hope to have any chance of defeating even a wounded George II in November. You cannot let the Bush league define you or the issues. You have to do that yourself. Take my advice and lay it all out, before it's too late."

Our sentiments exactly, and the same goes for Erskine Bowles.

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