Thursday, March 04, 2004

Bomb's Away!

The dreadful little weasel Dick Morris, who taught Bill Clinton how to "triangulate" the Republicans and then got caught sucking on a hooker's toes, is offering George Bush some advice he'll probably take, we'll wager ... that is, to go "liberal liberal liberal" in Kerry's face as soon as possible and then, more ominously, Bush "needs to elevate the sense of threat so that his advantage as a war president begins to count."

"Elevate the sense of threat..." Now, what, exactly, does Morris mean by that? Surely this administration has been no slouch in encouraging a more or less permanent state of paranoia -- those regular crashing waves of Code Orange -- and though Morris is vague about what elevating the sense of threat might entail, one can't help thinking that he's suggesting that the Rovians actually just go ahead and manufacture a threat or two, for political advantage. I'm not a conspiracy buff, but it's talk like Morris's that might make me one.

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