Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Tennis, Anyone?

Dan Balz writes in this morning's Washington Post that Sen. John Kerry's public image has clearly been "damaged" since Super Tuesday by a relentless media assault by the Rovians ... stuff about his being too "liberal" and changing his position willy-nilly. There's been no effective Kerry response to these attacks, and the polls show that Bush has overtaken him.

Balz doesn't mention Kerry's recent Sun Valley skiing vacation, but he paraphrases a respected pollster who clearly alludes to the wisdom of taking time off at this particular juncture:

"Andrew Kohut, director of the Pew Center, said Kerry's standing has slipped in part because of the Bush campaign attacks and because he has been far less visible than he had been during the heat of the primaries."

Snow-boarding down an Idaho mountain was like sending an engraved invitation to George Bush: "Define me to your heart's content, since I'm obviously otherwise engaged and will not challenge you."

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