Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Watauga School Board Makes Masks Optional


Following the commendation of Governor Roy Cooper, the Watauga County School Board has voted 5-0 to make masks optional for students and teachers in our public schools.


Jay said...

I'll have a piece in a day or so about today's meeting.

But we did vote 5-0 to make masks optional starting Feb 28th.

Red Hornet said...

BA.2 may be surging within six weeks. No one knows. Threatening violence will not make a pandemic go away.
Not any more than threatening violence will make a history of injustice go away. Can we expect mask mandates, vaccine requirements and quarantine to return if infections greatly increase, or will we endure hospitals overwhelmed and increased death and disability to satisfy an irrational and unreasonable astroturfed minority? There is no such thing as FreeDumb. Two thousand Covid patients are dying each day in the USA right now: a town a day.