Friday, February 11, 2022

Pathetic Nancy Mace (R-S.C.)


Rep. Mace in front of Trump
Tower yesterday

Republican Nancy Mace won her Charleston-area US House seat in 2020, defeating Democrat Joe Cunningham, who had won the seat in the blue wave of 2018. Mace, brand new in Washington in other words, got the treat of the January 6th insurrection and riot on practically her first day at work. She said at the time that Trump “put all of our lives at risk.”

“I will tell you for me, as a new member, it was enormously disappointing. I literally had to walk through a crime scene where that young woman was shot and killed to get into the chamber to vote that night to certify what was supposed to be a ceremonial vote to certify the electoral college,” she said. “And yet my colleagues continued to object, and they knew this was a failing motion.”

So Mace immediately got a place of dishonor on Trump's shitlist, and he endorsed her primary opponent.

Yesterday -- not making this up -- Mace made a video of herself pledging her fealty to Trumpism and in essence begging forgiveness for her former apostasy. It is sickening to watch a grown person grovel like that, but here it is:


Anonymous said...

Maybe the Gazpacho Police got to her.

yaminjabe said...

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