Tuesday, February 26, 2019

We Do Enjoy a Good Headline

To wit:
Tillis defies Trump on emergency declaration
WASHINGTON — Sen. Thom Tillis plans to vote against President Trump’s emergency border wall declaration....

We also enjoy watching the Tea Publicans going jihad over it. For example, @NC_Zero which is #MAGA all the way and doesn't take "Rino" prisoners. They put Tillis in pigtails cuddling up to Nancy Pelosi.

Like our friend Steve Harrison says, "that little Thomasina Tillis just might give me nightmares."

So Senator Thom Tillis will have a primary opponent next March, if not a dozen of them.

1 comment:

Susan Miller said...

The news could be worse! And it’ll be fun to watch the dogs turn on the master in ‘20.