Friday, February 22, 2019

Dan McCready Now the Favorite To Win the NC-9 Special Election

Not going to attempt to summarize the explosive final day yesterday in the hearing into the certification of the NC-9, but suffice it to say that Republican Mark Harris's argument that he should be declared the winner collapsed in the wake of his son's testimony. When Harris's lawyers discovered on Wednesday that the State Board of Elections investigators were in possession of emails proving that Mark Harris has been lying about McCrea Dowless for months -- emails that those lawyers had withheld in the discovery process -- they suddenly coughed up another 800 pages Wednesday night of "discovery" that they had somehow not discovered when they should have discovered them.

Any hoo...

Nobody expects preacherman Mark Harris to run for the seat in the special election. So everyone is speculating which Republicans might run in a primary (probably in May) and who will come out on top for an October special election.

We know which Democrat will run. Reportedly, Dan McCready has already raised a half-mil (full disclosure: I contributed to McCready last night), and he might even be considered the favorite to win that special election.


Brother Doc said...

I too slipped McCready and the NC Dem party a few $ late yesterday. Will the GOPers resurrect Pittenger to run, because of his experience and name recognition? Seems a darn shame to have to go through a primary AND a general election for this seat(why did a law get passed to this effect by the GA?), but perhaps we will keep getting news stories of criminal prosecutions: Dowless tried and sentenced, Harris entering into a plea deal to avoid perjury charges and choosing to retire from public life, charges or at least major personnel turnovers at the Bladen Co. elections board, etc., etc. This is a story that should not die even if the WaPo and NYT decide to move on to something else.

Susan Miller said...

Wait...the SBOE’s investigators mysteriously “discovered” 800 emails which were not shared until the end of the hearing? Is that a new stink coming out of this trash heap in Raleigh?