Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Preacherman Harris Won't Run Again in NC-9; This Is the Candidate He Wants in His Place

"Boss Hogg," a.k.a. Stony Rushing
Boss Hogg! No, really. Union County commissioner Stony Rushing thinks dressing up as a notoriously stupid and corrupt county commissioner in the fictional world of "The Dukes of Hazzard" earns him votes.  Apparently so, because he's been reelected more than once in Union County. He's now decided he wants to go to Congress. Reverend Mark Harris, ruined by the balloting fraud uncovered in the 9th District, sez he wants this guy too. He's endorsed him.

"Most elected officials would spurn the comparison to Boss Hogg, especially those eyeing a seat in Congress. But not this local politician and gun range owner, who dressed as the grifter for Halloween last year, on the eve of the November election that would solidify his local following and set him up to seek higher office" (Isaac Stanley-Becker).

"He embraces the comparison to the unscrupulous television character .... He has even campaigned on it, plastering his Facebook page with photographs of himself in the classic Hogg get-up, gun in one hand, cigar in the other."

Rushing says the ballot fraud that scuttled Mark Harris was “blown out of proportion." In keeping with the character pictured above, he blames Democrats for everything. “Dan McCready and his Establishment Friends Just Threw ALL of Our Ballots in the Trash!” he protested on Facebook, sharing an image with an American flag. “What are We going to do about IT?”

As I was finding out about Mr. Rushing, the news flashed that Dowless McCrae has been arrested. That arrest frames Mr. Rushing's impersonation of a corrupt county commissioner. It'll be up to the voters of the 9th District to decide if, denied their sanctified preacherman, they want a buffoon as their representative in Congress.

He may not make it to the special election, as he's almost guaranteed to have one or more primary opponents who don't emulate idiots (though they may play one in private).

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