Monday, July 30, 2018

Jonathan Jordan Testing Attack Lines Against Ray Russell

Ray Russell
We're hearing from several people in the 93rd House District that they've gotten push-poll calls that were obviously testing lines of attack against weatherman Ray Russell, who is challenging incumbent Republican Jonathan Jordan for the seat.

You know how those "polls" go, right? "Would you be more/or less inclined to vote for Ray Russell if you knew he eats raw chicken and kicks puppies?"

Jordan, who gets most of his campaign money from special interest PACs (in the Second Quarter, Jordan reported raising only $4,850 from individual contributors and $11,300 from PACs), has depended on third-party dark-money groups to do his dirty work, like Real Jobs NC which pumped in the bucks in 2010 for Jordan by smearing Democratic incumbent Cullie Tarleton.

Compare Ray Russell's campaign. Russell has almost 600 individual contributors, the majority of which are from the 93rd House District.

If you'd like to help the Russell campaign against the Jonathan Jordan smears to come, click this link.

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