Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Trey Gowdy Is Out, And There's Already a Democratic Woman Running for His Seat

Another shocking Republican retirement just minutes ago when Trey Gowdy, the man who helped tar Hillary Clinton, announced he wouldn't be running for reelection to South Carolina's 4th Congressional District.

The 4th is in the upstate of South Carolina bordering North Carolina and is said to be one of the wealthiest because of the big businesses located along the I-85 corridor between Spartanburg and Greenville. It's also supposedly very conservative, which would account for Trey Gowdy.

But 2018 is a shake-up year, and there's a Democratic woman who was already running for the seat before Gowdy's announcement today, and she's got spunk -- Lee Turner, a business entrepreneur and tax specialist (who incidentally has a great deal of criticism for the recent tax legislation that Gowdy championed and voted for -- Trump's "tax reform" = "the fleecing of America"). Lee is nationalizing the campaign: the election in the 4th District is all about Donald Trump and the damage he's doing to our Republic.

From her website:
Lee Turner
In December of 2017, our current Congress passed tax reform that will cost America 1.4 trillion dollars. In essence, every man, woman, and child in America is being forced to borrow over $4,300 to fund corporate tax cuts. Prior to this reform bill, the corporate tax rate was 35%, but the effective tax rate, due to loopholes, was a reported 18%. Now, the corporate tax rate has been lowered to 21%, and the loopholes have remained. Corporations received a 40% reduction and small businesses received a 20% reduction while wage earners received none.
It’s true that overtaxing strangles an economy, but it’s also true that demand determines supply. The theory behind December’s tax reform is that supply creates demand. The only segment of American society not spending is the segment that doesn’t have the money to do so; it’s the people who can’t afford to buy a car, pay a copay, buy a home, or even fill their pantry with groceries, those who are forced to survive on a wage that is barely more than half the average cost of living. These are the people who need tax relief.
Lee Turner is feisty and blunt and she just might catch fire.


Anonymous said...

What did she think of Obama's trillion dollar a year deficits?

bettywhite said...

And there it is..... classic deflection. Maybe we should ask YOU what you think of Trump’s upcoming trillion-dollar deficit!