Saturday, January 20, 2018

More NC Redistricting News ... Good This Time!

Hattip: Progressive Pulse

A federal court has ordered that a special master’s legislative redistricting plan be adopted for the 2018 elections.

Stanford Law Professor Nathaniel Persily redrew nine of the 28 state House and Senate districts found to be unconstitutional racial gerrymanders after the General Assembly’s maps didn’t remedy the violations, according to the court.

The three-judge panel’s decision to use Persily’s plan was unanimous and explained thoroughly in the 92-page order. It affects Senate districts in Cumberland, Hoke and Guilford counties and House districts in Bladen, Sampson, Wayne, Mecklenburg, Guilford and Wake counties. All other districts will remain as adopted by the legislature.

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Brother Doc said...

But won't the GOPers appeal this order to the SCOTUS also? I don't know why this expert's plan should be adopted--except for the expediency of getting something settled before filings. primaries, fundraising, etc. starts (all important of course). We can hope the Supremes go along but I have my doubts, given how fast they stayed the same three-judge panel's ruling of a few days ago.