Tuesday, January 02, 2018

NC General Assembly: Flipping the Beast

Currently, the NCGOP holds a 75-45 majority in the North Carolina House and a 35-15 majority in the Senate.

Do the math. Democrats need to flip 16 House seats and 11 Senate seats in November to take back the General Assembly, a goal most conventional and casual observers consider beyond reach. Maybe. Maybe not.

But ending the veto-proof Republican majorities in either chamber, which would force Republican boss Phil Berger to negotiate with Governor Cooper -- that earthquake would require flipping only four House seats and six Senate seats.

Flippity dippity do!

That's not just doable. In the current climate, and with Democratic recruiters closing in on a candidate running in all 120 House seats and all 50 Senate seats, getting rid of the veto-proof Republican
Jennifer Mangrum, the
teacher who is running
against Phil Berger in 2018
majorities seems likely. 

Putting a stake through the GOP's veto-override would be something of note, something to celebrate, though putting Phil Berger out of a job would be even better.

That's more important than anything else in your world, if you live in North Carolina and have suffered under the illegitimate power-grabbing of Phil Berger & Company. 

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