Friday, January 12, 2018

This Man Wants To Be a US Senator

He says the president was just saying what people -- including Rep. Jim Renacci, presumably -- are thinking, and we shouldn't judge the president on what he says.

I am judging, and history is judging, the immoral fool sitting in the White House. He's a fucking racist and always has been.

And I tend to believe that Rep. Jim Renacci, who says Trump called him recently to urge him to run for Senate from Ohio, is proud to defend Trump because he agrees with Trump's racist views but would never utter them out loud.

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Anonymous said...

Love his business experience - $1.3-million in unpaid state taxes, raising taxes as mayor of Wadsworth, suing an employee of one of his nursing homes who outed him for telling her to keep a psychiatric patient there ('we have to fill beds') who then killed an elderly fellow-patient.

These guys always sound great when they're talking about themselves.