Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Paul Ryan and Virginia Foxx Believe It's Every American's Right NOT To Have Health Insurance

According to the Congressional Budget Office report released yesterday, Trumpcare, the GOP bill to revise the Affordable Care Act, would nearly double the share of Americans who are uninsured from 10 percent to 19 percent over the coming decade. That comes out to 24 million more people who will go without health-care coverage over 10 years if the bill is enacted, including 14 million next year alone.

Anticipating this devastating news, a 501(c)(4) issue-advocacy group closely aligned with Paul Ryan had TV ads already cued up to run in 15 congressional districts represented by Republicans who've managed to get the Trumpcare "stank" all over their fine clothes.

The ads urge viewers to “thank” the GOP lawmakers for living up to their promise of “replacing the Affordable Care Act with the better health-care you deserve.” The ads do not use the word “repeal.” The new, product-tested verb is "improve." Because 14 million fewer insured people during the first year of Trumpcare will be an improvement.

"The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow" commercial looks like this in Congresswoman Barbara Comstock's district in Virginia:

The same ad is running or will run in the following congressional districts (where, evidently, the Republican incumbents are now considered vulnerable because of Trumpcare): Jeff Denham (Calif.), David Valadao (Calif.), Kevin McCarthy (Calif.), Darrell Issa (Calif.), Mike Coffman (Colo.), Carlos Curbelo (Fla.), Rod Blum (Iowa), David Young (Iowa), Don Bacon (Neb.), Greg Walden (Ore.), Brian Fitzpatrick (Pa.), Kevin Brady (Tex.), Will Hurd (Tex.), and Paul Ryan Hisownself (Wisc.).

Who believes this propaganda? Some people, no doubt, but probably not the Republican congress members who've hatched it, and the ad above sorta proves that they're chumming the waters with their own precious bodily fluids and drawing the sharks.


Anonymous said...

What Ryan et.al. really believe is that healthcare is a privilege and not a right.

Anonymous said...

Even if it's a privilege the rules of participation can be set so everyone participates, somewhat like driving privileges. So, it really depends on who is doing the choosing of participants.

Anonymous said...

I wonder sometimes just what people mean when they say something is "a right"?? Does that mean that the service should be provided for free by the provider? Or that someone else should be forced to pay for it?
In addition to health care, do I have a "right" to a comfortable home? A certain standard of living? A flat screen TV? Cell Phone? Where do these "rights" originate from?
Do I have a "right" to eat the crops that I planted? Or must I give them to someone else who did not contribute to their production?
It's all so confusing. I mean it sounds good, and, of course, we all want our fellow man to be well fed, clothed, housed, comforted and provided with health care....but is it really a "right"?

Wolf'ds Head said...

"Anonymous said...

What Ryan et.al. really believe is that healthcare is a privilege and not a right"

Health Care is neither.

A right is given by God just because you exist.

A privilage is given by government, usually because you're a worthy supporter.

Health Care is a service provided by individuals to other individuals, preferably with some quid pro quo so that the service can afford to continue.

As anon 10:04 notices, who pays? Is it provided by force? Is there a limit to what the collective will force an individual to provide?

Anonymous said...

Interesting headline to this article. Is it the position of the blog authors that Americans should not have the right to choose whether or not they buy health insurance?

PS Wolf's head - I have enjoyed reading your posts here. it's refreshing to see intelligent analysis. I am a bit surprised that JW allows so many of your posts to be published. In my experience, he is quick to censor any post which points out the fallacies of his arguments.

Wolf's Head said...

Anon, no more surprised than I, but I do give JW credit for publishing some of my posts.