Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Pat McCrory: Forever the Whiner

The popular meme these days among the conservative brethren is "snowflake," applied to "libruls" and especially to the young people who flocked to vote for Bernie Edwards last year ... "snowflake" because they supposedly melt at the first sign of heat, like hearing grown men exercise their god-given and constitutional rights to insult women, minorities, the disabled, the poor, and Michelle Obama.

You wanna study a real snowflake? Look no further than ex-governor Pat McCrory, who has not drawn a non-whining breath since he was defeated for reelection last fall. McCrory recently did an interview with an Asheville-based evangelical podcast during which he complained that he lost reelection because college students voted illegally (taking a page from Trump), that "most people have no idea what [HB 2] really is," that the Human Rights Campaign "thought police" is out to get him, and that, consequently, he's having trouble landing a job because everyone thinks he's a bigot.

"Heck, it's even impacted me to this day, even after I left office," McCrory told his interviewer. "People are reluctant to hire me because, oh, my gosh, he's a bigot, which is the last thing I am."

On Monday, McCrory told the News & Observer that he's been considered for part-time teaching positions, but university leaders are worried about student protests. (Never you mind! Samantha Bee has offered help fluffing McCrory's resume.)

Jeffrey C. Billman has offered the best summation of snowflake Pat: "So weird how people who fall over themselves to make political piƱatas out of vulnerable populations [witness his signing of HB2 minutes after it passed] demand safe spaces the second they encounter the consequences of their actions."


Upsydaisy said...

Oh. A part time teaching gig would be great! Then he'll learn how to live on no money and no job security, no assistance and huge numbers of active noisy students, some with disabilities and then spend his nights reading and grading papers and prepping for the next day's classes.

Anonymous said...

Poor teachers! You mean they actually have to read and grade papers PLUS they also have to prep for the next day's classes.

It's a good thing they have weekends, summers, holidays, Christmas and Easter vacations, etc in order to recuperate!

Try trading places with someone who works a non government job!

Poor babies!

Opinionated said...

Anon 8:20 - you have no clue. The teachers I know well all work 10 hour days, plus weekends, often writing test questions and lesson plans over Christmas and Spring 'breaks', and then pay for classroom supplies AND required continuing education in the summer.

My non-governmental job is a heck of a lot easier than that, and I don't have to put up with 30+ students who really need to go outside and play (and run off some of that excess energy so they can sit still to learn) but they can't because there's no time since Raleigh has decided (for example) that first-graders need to learn fractions!

Anonymous said...

So sorry for these pathetic little snowflakes! Probably YOUR non government job is a lot easier, mine isn't! And it doesn't pay the salary, hospitilation and retirement benefits that the school teacher receives.
Has to "write test questions and lesson plans" over Christmas and Spring breaks? Don't make me laugh!

bettywhite said...

Anonymous 8:42, have you ever been a teacher? I doubt it.