Wednesday, March 01, 2017


Rollerball did not air all his grievances last night, so metaphorically he didn't jerk down his pants and take a Trump dump on the dais, which we guess made the speech to Congress "an amazing performance," "a home run," "a very presidential presentation."

Trump vowed to "promote clean air and clean water" very early in the speech, which was a bit of a howler, considering the executive order he just signed allowing coal companies to dump their waste into mountain streams and his projected budget recommendation which would gut the Environmental Protection Agency (already under the loving care of the Oklahoma vandal Scott Pruitt).

“The time for small thinking is over, the time for trivial fights is behind us,” said the man TV personality who has engaged in Twitter fights with Arnold Schwarzenegger over "Celebrity Apprentice." Among many other late-night and early-morning Twitter eruptions.

"We must build bridges of cooperation and trust -- not drive the wedge of disunity and division," said the man who's built his entire personality on driving wedges faster than a North woods logger.

He disappeared all mention of Russia, like he disappeared the "fake news" and all those mythical illegal voters who denied him the popular vote. The speech really was alt-Trump and just underscores the lack of any core to the man:
In private discussions since the inauguration, a mystified Senator Mitch McConnell, the Republican majority leader from Kentucky, has said that Mr. Trump appears uncertain of precisely where he stands on a number of critical issues. [Peter Baker and Maggie Haberman]

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Anonymous said...

He also told lie after lie in that speech before Congress -- most of them identified by fact checkers --

You should have mentioned a few of those. He really doesn't know the truth from his own fictions.