Sunday, July 10, 2016

Will There Be Dessert?

Thanks, Raleigh News&Observer, for the concise list (below) of General Assembly members who definitely won't be back in 2017. It's heavy with heavy-hitting Republicans. At the same link, the N&O's Corey Lowenstein profiles some of the most influential who are retiring this year.

Both the vacated Republican and Democratic seats are considered "safe" for whichever party currently reigns. Extreme gerrymandering of districts has engineered it, so nobody predicts seat turn-overs in November. (Turn-overs, incidentally, are excellent desserts, and occasionally they're done early.)

Sen. Tom Apodaca, Republican from Hendersonville
Sen. Buck Newton, Republican from Wilson (running for attorney general)
Sen. Bob Rucho, Republican from Matthews
Sen. Stan Bingham, Republican from Denton
Sen. Dan Soucek, Republican from Boone (resigned before session ended)
Sen. Fletcher Hartsell, Republican from Concord
Sen. Josh Stein, Democrat from Raleigh (resigned before session ended to run for attorney general)
Rep. Leo Daughtry, Republican from Smithfield
Rep. Paul Stam, Republican from Apex
Rep. James H. Langdon Jr., Republican from Angier
Rep. Nathan Baskerville, Democrat from Henderson
Rep. Dan Bishop, Republican from Charlotte (running for state Senate; one of the prime sponsors of HB2)
Rep. Rayne Brown, Republican from Lexington
Rep. Rick Catlin, Republican from Wilmington
Rep. Tricia Cotham, Democrat from Matthews
Rep. Jacqueline Schaffer, Republican from Charlotte (resigned before the session ended)
Rep. Paul Tine, unaffiliated from Kitty Hawk
Rep. Ken Waddell, Democrat from Chadbourn
Rep. Roger West, Republican from Marbles
Rep. Chris Whitmire, Republican from Rosman

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