Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Burr & McCrory Will Not Appear in Public With Donald J. Trump

Trump is appearing in a Raleigh rally today. Not appearing with him will be Gov. Pat McCrory, who sorta, kinda lives and works in Raleigh, and Sen. Dick Burr, who sez he has to be at work in Washington, DeeCee, even though Congress recessed days ago.

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Anonymous said...

It is very interesting that Burr, who has slid from a "sure-thing" to being in a tight race, will not appear in public with Trump.

What does this say about the GOP? Burr wants to appeal to Trump's base - what has Trump said that is in anyway NOT reflected in GOP policy both in NC and nationally?

Makes me think that the middle is ripe for the picking.... Burr wants the undecided/independent vote?