Thursday, July 21, 2016

HB2 Has Hit McCrory Where It Hurts the Most

Let's hear from Gov. Squishy again how HB2 has had no effect on him and his state, except for positive public response. Yeah, right. WBTV went deeper:
Both [Pat McCrory & Roy Cooper] saw a spike in donations on March 23, 2016, the day the North Carolina General Assembly held its one-day special session to pass the controversial bill, which McCrory signed into law later that evening.
McCrory pulled in $89,410 on the day he signed HB2, more than four times his daily average prior to the bill’s passage. His fundraising dropped off the next day, averaging less than $10,000 a day over the next week.
Cooper saw his fundraising spike on March 23, when he raised $72,861, more than twice his daily average prior to that day. That momentum continued into the next day, when he raised $83,931 and through the remainder of the week, when he averaged more than $42,000 each day.
The day after the United States Department of Justice said HB2 violates federal civil rights laws Cooper brought in $100,511, his campaign’s best day up to that point.
The same trend has had more mixed results for McCrory. After raking in nearly $90,000 the day he signed HB2, his campaign has usually seen donations trend downward when the controversial law was in the news.
After averaging more than $20,000 a day through the first month of the quarter, the McCrory campaign collected just over $2,500 combined during the two days after Bruce Springsteen announced he was canceling his concert in Greensboro.
But it wasn’t all negative for McCrory. The day after appearing on Megyn Kelly’s Fox News show to defend HB2, McCrory pulled in more than $180,000, one of his campaign’s best day’s this election cycle....

So there is a monetary downside to bigotry enacted as public policy ... and footnote: When your bigotry is costing you big bucks, where do you go? Why, on Fox News naturally, where bigotry is financially remunerative.

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