Thursday, June 23, 2016

The NC GOP's New Spokeswoman Is a NeverTrumper

With outrageous appreciation to Jane Porter at The Indy.

The NC GOP's new staff hire is Communications Director Kami Mueller, who is "winsome yet approachable" (as an NC GOP press release put it). Wonder if the Trumpinistas will think so:


Brother Doc said...

Republicans have no shame, no sense of irony, and no loyalty to state or nation, only to their own advancement. Watch how quickly this woman starts parroting the party line. Remember, The Donald was their convention keynote speaker this spring. They are all on the team now or soon will be trying to elevate the least qualified presidential candidate ever to emerge from their party's swamp.

Anonymous said...

Here's to hoping that the top of the ticket drags down the rest of the GOP ticket. But there's a lot of hatred in NC right now, and Trump is the hater's candidate of choice. So maybe he'll be just the leader they need to pull out a huge win this fall.

Democrats need to get out the vote!!!!!