Thursday, June 09, 2016

The Cindy Wallace Kiss-Off

Here's the email from ASU Chancellor Sheri Everts last Friday announcing that Vice Chancellor Cindy Wallace was out of a job:

Begin forwarded message:
From: Chancellor Everts <chancellor@APPSTATE.EDU>
Date: June 8, 2016 at 8:01:15 AM EDT
Subject: Important announcement from Chancellor Everts
Reply-To: Chancellor Everts <chancellor@APPSTATE.EDU>
Dear Members of the Appalachian Community:

After careful consideration I have made a decision to initiate a leadership change in The Division of Student Development.  As of Friday, June 3, Cindy Wallace no longer serves in the role of Vice Chancellor for Student Development.

An Interim Vice Chancellor for Student Development will be appointed and a national search for this important leadership position will begin in the near future. I am committed to working closely with the Student Development team, student leaders, and my leadership team to ensure a smooth transition.  I will keep the campus community informed throughout the process.

I thank Cindy Wallace for her many years of service and her commitment to Appalachian and wish her well in her future endeavors.


Sheri N. Everts


Anonymous said...

This personnel decision seems both graceless and abrupt. Perhaps specific issues led up to the dismissal but the public perception is disturbing. Could not a round of farewells and campus thank yous have been allowed for? Was Cindy asked to resign and refused to do so? That's the only reason I would have as Chancellor if I felt I had to make this change.

Sunny Shores said...

I love ASU. I'm a student development practitioner. I worked in Plemmons Union as a student. I served in Student Publications, Student Programs & Career Development when I was doing my practicums & internship. I am very very concerned about what's happening under the surface at ASU. :(