Friday, June 17, 2016

Quick! What Rhymes with 'Nexus'?

What an incredibly interesting denial Senator Richard Burr gave the press yesterday:
Mere “speculation,” Burr said about talk that he might be short-listed as a Republican vice presidential candidate. “I don’t think any of it – to my knowledge – has any credible nexus with the campaign.”
"Any credible nexus." Did Senator Burr just turn medieval monk? What a curious, Latinate, ambiguous and hence attention-grabbing choice of words to avoid saying the obvious.

Let's see -- nexus,  noun: "a line of consumer electronic devices that run the Android operating system"? Or, "a casual link, a connected group or series"? 

That second meaning comes from the Latin root for nexus, a verb meaning to bind, hence the noun binding. Said Dick Burr, in other words, "My nexus with Trump, any binding to him of my name, is not yet credible" (meaning it's true!). Classic non-denial denial.

And now, a limerick on the foregoing:

                This Burr Itches

The Senator said, "I might have a nexus
With a Cowboy not born in Texas--
I could get no bump
From endorsing Trump,
But got this pain in my solar plexus."

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