Sunday, June 12, 2016

Don't Look For Any "Step in the Right Direction" on HB2

Persistent talk in Raleigh that the Republican grandees in the General Assembly are considering tweaks to the hateful HB2, but pretty much everyone that the Raleigh News&Observer talked to said he didn't know a thing about any changes.

Clearly, the Republican leadership -- particularly Governor Squishy -- would like to get this monkey off their backs. It's hurting practically everything to do with economic and cultural development in the state, but Republicans don't like to blink, let alone admit that they did something wrong and hurtful to the economy, which they're supposed to be such geniuses with.

The only politician talking is a Democrat who says he's seen proposed changes to HB2 and sums the "tweaks" up this way: “I don’t view this as a fix at all,” he said. “I don’t view it as a step in the right direction.”

It would take a complete lobotomy for the Republican grandees to take a step in the right direction in this Year of Our Lord 2016.

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