Thursday, November 06, 2014

The Cynicism of Anne Marie Yates

Watauga County Republican Party Chair Anne Marie Yates, surrounded by clueless members of the Young Republicans at Appalachian State University, told the High Country Press on election night: "This election should put to rest all the nonsense of voter suppression being claimed by the liberal wing of the Democratic Party."

"Nonsense," huh? Not according to the Chief Resident Superior Court Judge of Wake County, who found ample evidence of voter suppression in Watauga County and ruled it unconstitutional.

Pitiful, that ASU College Republicans not only allow Anne Marie Yates's nonsense to go unchallenged but also appear to applaud efforts to keep college students from voting.


Anonymous said...

Are you sure you aren't just bitter because she whooped your asses so bad in the election?

Your envy is showing.

Whatshisname said...

No, Anonymous. Voter suppression is still voter suppression. The Repubs still tried to shut down the second largest voting precinct in the county and combine it with the largest. What a fine day that would have been jamming 90% of all Watauga into 1 building. Put lipstick on the pig if you want to. It's still a pig. Furthermore, I didn't see a lot of asses getting whooped. Across the nation, I saw a lot of razor thin victories. And in Watauga County, the Democrats did far better than they did across the nation. Enjoy the moment, though. Now you have to actually do something. It would be nice to see you try to move the country forward instead of backwards, which is all we've seen so far.

Anonymous said...

Laffing at the spin! Republicans won every race that they had a candidate in excep for the incumbent sheriff and one county commissioner.

If you think that is some sort of Democrat victory, then you are welcomed to it!

When you start claiming that a "razor thin" margin is something to be proud of, then it shows how desperate you are. It isn't how close the loser came, the only thing that matters is who takes the oath of office.

Crawling back into the mud and slime to start attacking people like Anne Marie is one of the reasons that the voters in Watauga county are so sick of your brand of politics.

Oh Suzannah said...

And, Anonymous, if you think that election was some sort of mandate for GOP extremism, you're welcome to THAT! You guys couldn't beat your No. 1 targeted Democrat, Sheriff Hagaman, nor your No. 2 targeted Democrat, Billy Kennedy, who your conservative blog hates so much, you holier-than-thou fraud. Josh Brannon hardly campaigned in Watauga and Foxx beat him by how many votes? Eight? Yeah, some victory. And if Ms Yates wants to spout off about "liberals" she might expect a little blow-back.

LMAO said...

I think this may be the first time that Foxx won Watauga. At least her first since her initial election way back when.

Don't worry though, what you libs are going thru is perfectly normal. It's called "denial" and it's the first stage of grief.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! Couldn't beat our number 1 targeted Democrat?

That would have been Kay Hagan - and I think we did pretty good with that race.

bettywhite said...

Anne Marie Yates single-handedly whooped our asses? Really? All by herself, huh? And look what it got her - the status quo! LOL

Anonymous said...

Weird that the students who were engaged in the process were Republican but kudos to them for working to realize their political goals.

Where were the Young Democrats? And older Democrats? The Democratic party organization in NC is a joke - a horrible joke.

Whatshisname said...

Enjoy your day in the sun, Anonymous. The magnanimity of your character in victory is overwhelming. You make your party proud and make everyone everywhere admire what it means to be a Republican.