Monday, November 10, 2014

O Where Are the Ebolas of Yesteryear?

This map circulated widely prior to November 4 on Republican social media and right-wing websites. Please note that an Islamic State HDQs is confidently located in Mexico, wherefore the massive outbreak of ebola in Dallas. You remember that, right? There was always a master plan, don't you know, to take down the United States via an unstoppable disease.

Standard Operating Procedure among the Republican brethren, who are much more motivated by fear and hatred than by any vision of effective government.

Has Fox News even uttered the word "ebola" since the election?

Do the low-information voters who bought into this crap even notice that the whole threat has simply evaporated?


Anonymous said...

I cannot stand the absolute devotion the GOP has to lying.

wooduck said...

"ebola virus" was weaponized in marlburg, austria 1961. the ebo or igbo people of s nigeria were extremely advanced, 1803,the slave ship YORK, landed @ fredricka rver,ga. when they saw they were being enslaved for farming,they walked into the water,still shackled and DROWNED.the state of ga. has refused to mark this incredible "march to freedom" with a historical plaque. ps very much apprciate the intelligent conversation here. thanks.