Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Redefine This!

“Marriage has always been defined throughout history one way and re-defining marriage is a special right. It’s not an equal right. Interracial marriage was an equal right because it was excluding a group. This is a redefinition. It’s a fundamentally different thing.”

--NC Sen. Dan Soucek (R-Bubbletown), in the Avery Journal

There are times -- really, most of the time -- when the stupidity of Senator Soucek just leaves you speechless.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Just wow. Meet the person 'representing your values' in the NC General Assembly, ladies and gentlemen.

meatcamp said...

I am pretty sure that marriage has been defined in many different ways throughout history. As one man and many wives, as child brides and grooms,as political alliances, as spiritual unions,etc. In some countries it is even defined as one woman with several husbands. It's pretty clear that society has the right to define marriage in any way that best serves the needs of society. And gay marriage serves many positive functions. What's the point of discouraging committed, loving, monogamous relationships when they clearly benefit society and individuals?

Anonymous said...

Soucek leads the NC Senate Education Committee!

Not Really said...

meatcamp, what you said is reasonable and grounded in a knowledge of history and sociology. Such critical and fact-based analysis is too much to ask of Soucek and many of his fellow Republicans these days. It gets in the way of their talking points, prejudices and preconceived ideas!