Monday, November 17, 2014

Gov. McCrory Feels Miss Tami's Whip

This person, Tami Fitzgerald, head of the NC Values Coalition, chief anti-gay cheerleader, and enthusiastic demon-hunter, blistered Governor Pat McCrory because he said he would take no action to fight a Federal judge's overturning of North Carolina's anti-gay marriage amendment.

What She Said
“Where was the governor's concern for the defense of our Constitution when a rogue judge enjoined the marriage amendment that 61 percent of North Carolina voters passed?”

What She Meant
Closets are for furs and gay people. Look it up!

What She Said
 “It is a shame when our governor is more interested in expanding his executive power than he is in actually protecting and defending a real threat to our Constitution — the overreach of power by a federal judge who enjoined the marriage amendment and forced same-sex marriage on our state.”

What She Meant
If anyone is going to overreach her power, it's going to be me!


Guess the Guv will be taking a plate of cookies to Tami Fitzgerald.

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brotherdoc said...

I have her outfit bookmarked in a file I call "scary groups that bear watching." This woman's son-in-law, Chad Barefoot, an Appalachian graduate, was re-elected to the NC Senate with the benefit of pro-fracking forces. He's pretty scary too, another dimbulb tool a la Danny Soucek (and a Where's Waldio lookalike). The coziness between sinister economic forces and rightwing religion has allowed the GOP to entrench itself in our state. Keep calling them out, Jerry, maybe some moderate voters will listen.