Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Virginia Foxx Has a Primary Challenger

In the 5th Congressional District of NC, Philip Doyle, who is a real estate agent living in Clemmons, Forsyth County, has filed to run against Virginia Foxx in the Republican primary in May.

Doyle's Facebook page lists his "likes" as Michelle Malkin, Michele Bachman, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and the Tea Party Patriots.

So ... he's running to the right of Virginia Foxx? Which means that he's left any known map of terra firma.

But we certainly wish Mr. Doyle the best of luck. And God speed, adieu, bon voyage, and what the hell are you thinking!


brotherdoc said...

Will the Dems put someone, anyone, a warm body, up against the Foxxy Lady? I know it's probably useless but some sacrificial lamb should present him/herself as in previous election cycles, prepared to go down with the Blue Flag flying. And, you never know, this bird might actually knock The Madam out of the race and make a Dem the only rational choice.
Also, who is going to take on Soo-seck?

Henery said...

Brother Doc, Josh Brannon (D) filed on Monday against Soucek. Trying to find out about him now.

Anonymous said...

I've met Josh Brannon and like him. Software designer. Looks you straight in the eye and offers a firm handshake when you meet him. I'm looking forward to hearing his ideas.

Anonymous said...

We need to get all the support for this guy we can in the Republican Primary. An an Independent, I'll be voting for him. Get rid of Foxx in the primary. This guy would be easier to beat in the general election.