Friday, February 14, 2014

How Deep Is McCrory's Ass in the Criminal Investigation of the Duke Energy Toxic Spill?

The question of the day!

Evidence is very clear that North Carolina's Department of Environment and Natural Resources has been dragging its feet and shielding Duke Energy from full accountability in the poisoning of the Dan River. McCrory's role in that as a 28-year employee of Duke Energy becomes a hot issue. McCrory has received a total of some $1 million -- $1 million! -- in campaign contributions from Duke Energy that would seem to have provided ample quid pro quo during the last two weeks for the coddling of the giant corporation by the state's regulators.

No one that we've seen has a more comprehensive accounting of what's gone down and the timeline for building a criminal case against the McCrory administration than Rachel Maddow.

Criminal case.

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Anonymous said...

I wish someone could explain to me why people vote a Duke Power lobbyist into the governor's mansion in the first place. There is enough influence and corruption in government caused by the corporations in the first place, and Duke Power has shown its anti-environmental attitude and criminality over and over again. It is an anti-competition, anti-clean water, anti-clean air company which thinks nothing of poisoning our children, and so our response -- put the fox in charge of the henhouse. Yet, this bozo/criminal, Rorrie McCrorrie, is held in esteem by North Carolinians while Beverly P was practically dragged out of office. Smart electorate (as the politicians always say)? Corporate and uninformed sheep is more like it.

Oh, yeah, and Franklin Graham is a "Man of God". Hahahahahaha. I have a bridge . . . .