Thursday, February 27, 2014

BREAKING: Watauga Board of Education Just Voted 3-2 to Retain Allende Book in Curriculum

Delora Hodges and Lee Warren (neither of whom have filed for reelection) voted to remove the book from the curriculum (though Hodges made an earlier motion to keep the book in the library while taking it out of the 10th grade classroom).

Brenda Reese, Barbara Kinsey, and Ron Henries voted to retain the book in the curriculum.

Game over.


Anonymous said...

Let's just hope they stop sending threatening letters to the teachers.

Repub Voter said...

I hope you Dems will give Henries your vote this time. I doubt the Republicans will.

Anonymous said...

As I listened to Henries last night, I had to agree. I would have allowed one of my kids to read the book, but not the other one....different children, different responses. The most persuasive argument last night was that PARENTS already have the say in what their kids read at WHS, and that's where the decision needs to stay.