Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Soucek Gets a Caldwell County Democratic Opponent

Jim Sponenberg, 70, a Caldwell County executive with Certus Bank, has filed to run as a Democrat against Senator Dan Soucek. Josh Brannon of Watauga County, who had also filed as a Democrat in the same race last week, has withdrawn in favor of Sponenberg.
Sponenberg said education is his main focus, having been closely involved with education throughout his life, both with personal involvement and with members of his family that are teachers: his wife, daughter, son-in-law and mother.
 “I think education is a very, very important part of what the state of North Carolina is involved in,” Sponenberg said, adding that he wants to make sure public education is supported and given a chance to improve and be innovative.
He also said that education influences economic development, especially in Caldwell County and the 45th District, which covers Allegheny, Ashe, Avery, Caldwell and Watauga counties.
 Sponenberg also said he is running to help build cooperation in Raleigh between Democrats and Republicans, saying he has friends in both major parties who think like he does.
 “I want to take that culture and cooperative attitude to Raleigh to get people to work together for the benefit of Caldwell County and Western North Carolina,” he said.
There's also a persistent rumor circulating in Caldwell County that Caldwell County Superintendent of Schools Steve Stone, a Republican, intends to challenge Soucek in the Republican primary. He has until Friday at noon to file if he's serious.

Appears that Mr. Soucek's votes on public education have not gone down well in his district.


Beth said...

As a former "Caldwellian," I can tell you Jim Sponenberg will be a good candidate and good senator. I tried to get him to run a few years back, but it wasn't the right time then. Conventional wisdom says it will take a strong candidate from Caldwell to take this away from Soucek. Jim is your man.
Beth Jones

brotherdoc said...

Well praise be. He will have my support. Now will someone step up to run against Va.? I guess I am going to send $ to Clay Aiken, and to Keith Ruehl who has just announced he will run vs. Mark Meadows in the 11th, if I want to have any impact in NC Congressional races.

Anonymous said...

Great opportunity! Let's support Jim Sponenberg!

Anonymous said...

Laughable! Because a Democrat has filed to run against Soucek, and you have heard a rumor that a Republican may also file - you thus conclude that it "appears that Mr Soucek's vote on public education have not gone down well in his district"!

Does that mean that when a Democrat incumbent is challenged in an election that their stance on a particular issue "has not gone down well?"

Seriously, JW - sometimes you just make yourself look ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

I think the reception Mr. Soucek had to his "Education Forums" indicates his votes on education haven't gone down speaks volumes to those who will listen.

I've met Mr. Sponenberg and am impressed...I will be sending a donation.