Wednesday, November 06, 2013

To the Losers Go the Sour Grapes

Just prior to their disastrous loss in the Boone municipal elections yesterday, the Watauga GOP was trying to disqualify Rennie Brantz from public office (after he’s already served two consecutive terms!) by misreading the University of North Carolina policy manual (see New Guy’s post on Mr. Brantz earns “nominal pay” for his service on the Boone Town Council and is therefore not covered by the requirement of a “petition” filed with his superiors.

Watauga Republican Party leaders discovered the truth of that via a public records request communicated to the university’s general counsel by ... wait for it ... County Commission Chair Nathan Miller, who has been filing other public records requests against individuals who are apparently considered threats to his power.

We have also learned that Watauga GOP Chair Anne Marie Yates is going after Democratic County Commissioner John Welch on the same bogus accusation that was made against Rennie Brantz: that Welch is disqualified from serving on the County Commission because he didn’t file the “petition” mentioned above.

Mr. Welch’s pay for service on the County Commission is also “nominal,” which also exempts him from that “petition” requirement.

The sourness of the Republican loss in the elections yesterday threatens to curdle all the milk in the world.


Anonymous said...

Here's to hoping that the local GOP discover that cheating is not really attractive in this "liberal" town. There is a way to win - trashing the electoral process is just not the way.

Anonymous said...

I have it on good authority that Welch did e mail BOTH Chancellor Peacock and Charlie Cobb asking permission and if it was a conflict. According to what I know both gave him their blessing and neither mentioned the waiver.

Kaye Wilkinson Barley - Meanderings and Muses said...

When are the Republicans in this town going to realize it's not so much their political party that's turning off voters nearly as much as it is their pure unadulterated hatefulness. Remember that bumper sticker "Mean People Suck?" True then, true now.

Anonymous said...

Also noticed that John Mena was quite gracious in defeat.

Don said...

The Fireside Book of Baseball Version

Game Called by darkness — let the curtain fall.
No more remembered thunder sweeps the field.
No more the ancient echoes hear the call
To one who wore so well both sword and shield:
The Big Guy’s left us with the night to face
And there is no one who can take his place.

Game Called — and silence settles on the plain.
Where is the crash of ash against the sphere?
Where is the mighty music, the refrain
That once brought joy to every waiting ear?
The Big Guy’s left us lonely in the dark
Forever waiting for the flaming spark.

Game Called — what more is there for us to say?
How dull and drab the field looks to the eye
For one who ruled it in a golden day
Has waved his cap to bid us all good-bye.
The Big Guy’s gone — by land or sea or foam
May the Great Umpire call him “safe at home.”

Game Called. Across the field of play
the dusk has come, the hour is late.
The fight is done and lost or won,
the player files out through the gate.
The tumult dies, the cheer is hushed,
the stands are bare, the park is still.
But through the night there shines the light,
home beyond the silent hill.

Game Called. Where in the golden light
the bugle rolled the reveille.
The shadows creep where night falls deep,
and taps has called the end of play.
The game is done, the score is in,
the final cheer and jeer have passed.
But in the night, beyond the fight,
the player finds his rest at last.

Game Called. Upon the field of life
the darkness gathers far and wide,
the dream is done, the score is spun
that stands forever in the guide.
Nor victory, nor yet defeat
is chalked against the players name.
But down the roll, the final scroll,
shows only how he played the game.

Anonymous said...

Kaye, hatefulness???, I believe your post is hateful. And you are calling the Republicans hateful?

Sour grapes??? All this blog has done since our new governor was elected is tear him down.

I am sort of tired of the whining.

As a Republican I graciously accept our newly elected town officials and will support them.

Dem12 said...

Oh come on, Anonymous! This is becoming SO typical of Republicans everywhere:

Republican politician says something hateful

Someone calls them out on it

Republican plays the victim and says "You're not letting me be hateful - why are you being so hateful to me???"