Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Charges Against Eggers & Aceto Will Get a Hearing

The complaint filed with the State Board of Elections against Watauga Board of Elections members Luke Eggers and Bill Aceto is back on the front burner. Word on the street is that the SBOE will schedule a public hearing on the complaint (technically, a "petition" for their removal) early in December.

If we read correctly the administrative code governing removals of this kind, this means that the SBOE finds prima facie evidence that a hearing is warranted on the merits.


brotherdoc said...

They will have plenty of documentation and evidence to sift through in such a hearing. What will be the result? Well since the state board is also stacked with GOPers I suspect a mild reprimand is all that is coming, perhaps over the shameful way they have been treating Ms. Hodges. Shifing/eliminating polling places, etc., probably won't even be mentioned. As for secret meetings of the majority members, and evidence of the Wizard of Oz like role for 4 Eggers, we can only hope it will draw some critical comment, but don't count on removal of board members or anything significant.

Anonymous said...

This afternoon High Country Press published an article about this hearing. When I returned to read the article again, it had disappeared. What happened to the article?

Anonymous said...

I'll bet the computer in 4's office is busy now drafting their statements to present before the hearing committee

Anonymous said...

People, People People.....relax! There is no hearing scheduled. JW is just exercising his rights to mentally masturbate over his fantasies!

The HCP article was taken down because it was found to be wrong. JW's favorite reporter Jesse Wood published JW's fantasy without verifying it. When Kellen Short of the Democrat acted like an actual reporter and contacted the state board, she found that the whole thing was just another one of JW's wet dreams and that no hearing has been scheduled.

Using JW's logic, I would have to assume that if no hearing is scheduled then that must mean there is no "prima facie"case!

Posmo said...

The Eggers brothers (played by the Duke boys of Hazzard County), along with Aceto (played by Uncle Jesse) have been inducted into the NC Hall of Shame