Thursday, November 14, 2013

Rolling With the Fat Cats

Gov. Pat McCrory will be attending another of those private functions where the super-wealthy pet him and tell him how smart visionary brave he is, and Art Pope will stand nearby to gloss what The Guv might inadvertently blurt.

Two tickets to tonight's dinner with McCrory  at the luxury Grandover Resort outside Greensboro cost $1,000 and two passes for the entire weekend "retreat" cost $10,000. The Renew North Carolina Foundation, another of those secretive 501(c)(4) orgs set up to skirt campaign finance laws, does not have to reveal its donors, and won't.

The same "foundation" hosted the same weekend retreat last year and then spent $800,000 of the proceeds on TV ads in September and October, promoting how not-dumb McCrory might be (it's at least reasonable to think so!).

What? Did the invites feature a picture of McCrory with the caption, "Please help send this child to camp!"?

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