Sunday, September 08, 2013


And the weather forecast for Republicans continues dismal, with a chance of tsunami.

The News&Observer today has an in-depth look at several "swing" districts in North Carolina, including Jonathan Jordan's 93rd House District. Best moment in the article: when the West Jefferson Republican sez he's "very happy" with what happened this year in Raleigh but only wishes they'd gone even further.

That attitude is very much pushing the pendulum away from the NC GOP, so we're glad to see it so naked and so unrepentant. Keep that up, fellas!

Best sign we've seen all summer at a public demonstration against Raleigh:



Whatshisname said...

So Jor-Done doesn't think they went far enough??? My goodness, we've already sped past SC, Alabama and Mississippi in the race back to the Confederate States of America. On the horizon is the Nazi state of Germany. Jonathan, ol' boy, your days are numbered. We will bring back civilized, humane policies to the great state of NC and send you and your ilk back to your home underneath the rocks where you belong.

Anonymous said...

That is, if there's anything left of this country after the Bolsheviks, Committees of the Poor, Wall Street banksters, and warmongers get through with it.

Anonymous said...

Best moment in the article: when the West Jefferson Republican sez he's "very happy" with what happened this year in Raleigh but only wishes they'd gone even further.

Once again Jordan reflects the will of the majority of his constituents.

Not Really said...

Anonymous 10:57 said "Best moment in the article: when the West Jefferson Republican sez he's "very happy" with what happened this year in Raleigh but only wishes they'd gone even further. Once again Jordan reflects the will of the majority of his constituents."

Nice selective reading of that article. It takes some serious blinders to seize on what one person says and try to turn it into a majority opinion. If you think people in the High Country are generally happy with what's going on in Raleigh then you are not listening.

Anonymous said...

The people in the high country, the last time they voted, gave every indication that they supported the Republican legislature in Raleigh. In fact, they increased the majority of Repubs in both the House and the Senate.

Complaints from anonymous posters and Moron Monday wackofests are all well and good, but we rely on elections to determine what people really want.

Since they voted in such overwhelming numbers for Republicans all down the ticket, I think that pretty well ends the argument.

Not Really said...

Since you brought it up, Anon 8:58, in 2012 Jordan won against Cullie Tarleton 51.5% to 48.5%. Only in your fantasies is that "overwhelming numbers". Fact is, this is a swing district and a lot of moderate voters have been shocked by how far to the right the Republicans have taken this state.

And since we're talking numbers, let's not forget that more people in NC actually voted for Democrats in US House elections statewide in 2012 - the only reason we sent more Republicans than Democrats to Washington is because of the extreme gerrymandering in this state!

Anonymous said...

Nit Really, the number is certainly overwhelming considering Tarleton out spent Jordan three to one using out of district money.

Democrat gerrymandering is what led the state in the wrong direction for years. There is a saying about pots calling kettles black that you ought to study.

Not Really said...

Anon 9:53, it's always been my observation that resorting to name-calling usually means that someone can't stand on the strengths of their arguments alone. It's weak - and yes, just as bad when left-wingers do it. I'm an Independent and proud to be one and I'll call out either party on their problems. We should have districts drawn using an independent panel as they do in some other states to keep partisan politics out of it.

You can, of course, continue to delude yourself with the belief that the people of this great state are happy with our current leaders. Or you can examine facts and be honest. Here is another article I saw by coincidence this morning:

General Assembly job approval
Approve: 24 percent
Disapprove: 54 percent
Not sure: 23 percent

GOP job approval
Approve: 32 percent
Disapprove: 57 percent
Not sure: 11 percent

GOP total control of state gov’t
Good: 36 percent
Bad: 54 percent
Not sure: 10 percent

Go ahead, try to spin those numbers.

Anonymous said...

NC presidential voting result ROMNEY (Republican)

Governor - McCrory (Repub)

State Senate...Republican

State House... Republican

5th District rep...FOXX (Repub)

State Senator SOUCEK....(Repub)

State House Rep..JORDAN, (Repub)

County Commission majority REPUB

(How's that for spin?) You can rely on your polls. Me, I prefer relying on election results.

I win!

Anonymous said...

Not Really, what name were you called. The most that can be said that a reference was made to the hypocrisy of complaining about the Republicans and not mentioning the Democrats did the same thing.

This is what you did, so what is weak about the statement ?

Anonymous said...

To be specific:

> Moron Monday wackofests

this is name-calling.

Not Really said...

Read Anon 9:53's comment again and I think you can catch the way he or she plays with my username.

I think the statement "I win!" speaks volumes. It's not a game. Stay informed. Think critically. Consult multiple sources of information. And don't let your own political leanings blind you to poor policies and poor leadership. (And yes, that goes for democrats in Boone, too.) Clearly NC is not a liberal state. But it's also not as right-wing as our current GA or as some people would like to make it out to be.

Anonymous said...

Not Really, Anonymous 9:53 was the entity that posted what you addressed. That post did not call you anything.

It's difficult to use your user name without the possibility of it being unclear as to how it is being used. It could be a name or a phrase. Since you chose the name, you are the one responsible for any confusion. Either way, it's not derogatory.

Not Really said...

Wow, I did not expect to have to spell this out. Anon 9:35 called me "Nit Really". "Nit" instead of "Not". That has nothing to do with whether or not my username is "unclear" and since "nit" is an insult I took it as one. It's that simple.

Anonymous said...

Oh, so you have never made a typo? Are you always this defensive, Not Really?

What is the saying about the guilty fleeing when no one is pursuing? After all, you know yourself better than I do.