Friday, September 20, 2013


So the Republican majority on the Watauga County Commission are very comfortable about having their Republican attorney also running the Board of Elections while not serving on the Board of Elections.

No, no conflict of interest here. Move along now.

One does experience a little whiplash trying to follow Commissioner David Blust's defense of Stacy C. Eggers IV. Sez Blust, Four Eggers has "never been political one way or the other" and then two seconds later, according to the reporter for the Watauga Democrat, "he suggested that the county attorney's role is inherently political."

The second statement is the correct one. Though not all county attorneys so successfully subvert democrary by simultaneously manipulating the voting process for partisan advantage to benefit his own bosses on the County Commission as well as every other Republican running for office.

The problem with building those stonewalls of denial is what gets walled up with the people doing the denying. There's a point at which an albatross begins to stink.

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Anonymous said...

The Watauga Democrat continues to cover for the most partisan county attorney in the last forty years and the worst county commission chair ever. The paper keeps reporting his legal pronouncements as if they are accurate and objective when really all he wants to do is hurt Democrats and help Republicans like Nathan Miller stay in power. These guys are our own version of Ted Cruz, but without the brains. They don't care one bit who they hurt if they can keep in the good graces of their developer sponsors. Public exposure is like water off a duck's back for both of them because they have a biased rag of a newspaper covering for them on their every dishonest move.