Monday, September 09, 2013

McCrory Is Off To See the Wizard (Of PR Makeovers)

On the editorial pages of the major McClatchy papers in the state this morning, Gov. McCrory gets some advice from Jim Jenkins. It's good advice. We trust that McCrory will ignore it, and there's already evidence that he will ignore it.

Because he's putting his political future in the hands of makeover artists. The McCrory reelection front group, Renew North Carolina Foundation, is launching a 60-second TV ad across the state meant to make The Guv look, or at least talk, tough. "I'm stepping on toes right and left," The Guv brags.

If those ad-wise manipulators of public perception can't quite turn McCrory into Harry Truman, they at least know how to paint lips on a pig. So we'll see if that helps.

Despite all the voice-over bravado that 60 seconds can deliver, McCrory still seems more like Bert Lahr as the Cowardly Lion than like G.I. Joe.

How does such a lightweight step on toes and leave any impression at all?


Main Street Muse said...

That he's stepping on the toes of the left and right is true. But other than that, the ad is a filled with lies.

Here's to hoping there's the residents of NC will pull back the curtain and see the reality of this man - no wizard, just a fraud.

Anonymous said...

'Par for the course regarding NC's past governors.

brotherdoc said...

Pat loves to step on toes, he has used this phrase at least 18 times since entering the governor race, acc. to some guy who has been keeping track. Watch your feet if you get near the governor!