Tuesday, September 17, 2013


An article published yesterday in the Watauga Democrat allowed Four and Luke Eggers to tell their version of events surrounding the cooptation of the Watauga County Board of Elections. We select quotations from both the reporter and the Eggers Bros. for comment:

1. "County Attorney Stacy 'Four' Eggers had influence...." Mere "influence" has never been the issue. Complete remote control by unseen hands has always been the issue.

2. "...question of whether a person can act as an impartial legal advisor to the Board of Elections while simultaneously assisting with its policies."
Again, "assisting" misses the point that Four Eggers has been running the entire operation from hiding. Misses the point by a good country mile. He rewrote the minutes of the August 12th meeting, fer Chrissakes, without having been there.

3. Four Eggers is quoted: "I'm volunteering my past experience to the current board members at no cost to the county."
Four Eggers wrote an official letter to the Democratic member of the BOE, refusing to offer advice or help to her because county policy prohibited him from advising a single member of the BOE, he said: "It has been the longstanding policy of Watauga County that its County Attorney does not provide legal advice to the members of the general public, the media, or individual board members about legal matters involving the county." The Watauga Democrat reporter did not call Four Eggers out on that glaring inconsistency. Furthermore, he's not just "volunteering" his "past experience" to his brother. He's writing everything, or directing his secretary to type what he has written, and pulling all the strings. And he's doing all of that in yet a third unacknowledged role as political director of the Watauga County Republican Party, in consultation with party Chair Anne Marie Yates whose brother is currently running for Boone Town Council. Yeah, there's no problem with any of that at all!

4. Luke Eggers, who was unavailable to the Winston-Salem Journal reporter, is suddenly not only available to the Watauga Democrat, but he's a positive blabber-mouth, telling a story. And it is a story. A cover-up story not particularly credible.

They keep digging that hole deeper, inadvertently assisted by the Watauga Democrat, in this particular instance.


Anonymous said...

The Watauga Democrat is our local version of Fox News. It is obvious that the paper has a political agenda and is in full alignment with the rightwing Jonathon Jordan, the rightwing Nathan Miller, and rightwing Four Eggers. People should boycott this rag.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:24 - many of us do....and remind them of why every time they call us to get us to subscribe.