Thursday, September 12, 2013

A New Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate: Baptist Preacher, Who Calls Thom Tillis "A Kay Hagan Lite"

The Republican circus just got another main ring, with Rev. Mark Harris, whose main claim to fame (other than pastoring First Baptist Church in Charlotte), is leading the fight in North Carolina to make sure gay couples are treated as second-class citizens.

Thom Tillis, now headed further to the Right.


Anonymous said...


Local politicos have come to expect hatred of Conservative Christians from Watauga Watch - your hate is well document and disturbing. But just as disturbing is the hypocritical way you go about attacking Conservative Christians.

Examples of your Hypocrisy:

Example A: Moral Mondays.

The most outspoken leader of the Moral Monday movement shame is Rev. William Barber. You are clearly a fan of Barber, you even gave Barber his own Watauga Watch label – cute.

Did you extend the same kind of love and acceptance toward Rev. Mark Harris? No. Instead you gave Harris the “Religion and Politics” label – not so cute.

Your Hypocrisy: The Liberal Rev. Barber is applauded for using his spiritual standing to influence his flock, but a Conservative Christian like Rev. Mark Harris seeking public office, now that’s mixing “Religion and Politics.”

Duplicity at its finest – well done JW.

Example B: You cynically describes Mark Harris as a “Baptist Preacher.”

How many times was ex-NC Senator Steve Goss described as a “Baptist Preacher” on Watauga Watch? Without conducting an exhaustive search of Watauga Watch’s archives, one already knows the answer. ZERO.

Your Hypocrisy: Both Harris and Goss share the same faith and profession – both are Baptist Preachers! Yet Goss was spared your attacks because Goss was a Democrat. Harris on the other hand is a Republican and thus is labeled as a “Baptist Preacher.”

Your duplicity is catching up with you JW.

Example C: The label “Politics and Religion.”

There are countless Liberal activists who carry the title of Preacher, Pastor, Reverend, etc.: Rev. Al Sharpton, Father Pfleger, and Rev. Jeremiah Wright come to mind.

How does a Liberal like yourself justify supporting men like Rev. Al Sharpton one minute, and then attack Rev. Mark Harris for being a preacher the next? The answer: Hypocrisy.

And as we all know JW, you are GREAT at hypocrisy!

Anonymous said...


weird. The story simply says Harris, whose profession is Baptist preacher (no slam, just a fact) calls Tillis "Kay Hagan Lite" and is running for Senator. All these are facts. the story doesn't say anything about mixing politics and religion, it doesn't attack the man for being a preacher. It simply says he's running, he calls Tillis "Kay Hagan Lite", and was one of the leaders on Amendment One.

All facts. Not one slam. You have inferred an attack based on your preconceived notions of what JWW WOULD say, not on what he DID say.