Thursday, August 01, 2013

Our Lame Duck

Gov. Squishy went from being a beacon of hope for moderate Republicanism to a complete disaster in just six months ... spineless, confused, the willing tool of other, non-moderate agendas, a victim of events and not even within hailing distance of the levers of power he was supposedly elected to control. There was a reason he put Art Pope in charge. McCrory didn't have a clue and wasn't going to get one.

A dead give-away of his status within his own fulminating party is that not one of the right-wing Republican blogs that I frequent on a regular basis give him any support, or even any coverage. They don't talk about him at all. He's a non-person to them, like he is to the rest of us but for different reasons. It's like they're embarrassed for him.

The criticism of His Limpness has been withering and fairly universal. Practically every daily newspaper in the state has pointed out his lies, his witlessness, his obvious panic at the thought that someone somewhere might ask him a QUESTION.

As Gary Pearce pointed out yesterday, McCrory missed his opportunity to establish an independent identity by vetoing the abortion bill, something he actually promised during the campaign last fall. "But he caved," states Pearce, and thus sealed his one-term fate. Now he's dogged on a daily basis by protesters with signs.




Anonymous said...

These days it appears that many Teapublicans are cut from the same cloth as Mr Empty Suit. They don't really stand for anything, and their marching orders come to them from the far right overlords who got them them elected so that their will might be done, and who hold the sword of Damocles over their clueless heads. Even our own Rep (Sic) Jordan and Sen (Sic2) Soucek are there to do the bidding of their handlers. If either of them ever did come up with an idea that served to benefit a majority of the citizens of this state, it would be shot down by the Art Pope crowd unless it benefitted them a little more.

Anonymous said...

On the contrary, the Teapublicnas are doing the bidding of their constitutes by fixing many of the wrongs passed by libitards in both parties for the last 100 years. If only the establishment Republicans and Democrats would follow suit.