Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Don't You Just Love the Smell of a Death Wish in the Morning?

Greg Brannon
RedState's Erick Erickson, a Tea Party bloviator who evidently eats nails for breakfast (with unskimmed milk) has compared NC House Speaker Thom Tillis's campaign for U.S. Senate to dog poo. Yes, I believe that's what he said, but judge for yourself:
"I can tell you I'd rather vote for the pile of brown goo on the side of the road in New Orleans than vote for that guy [Tillis] as a Republican in North Carolina. He is terrible. You do not want this person."
He said that at a Tea Party convention in New Orleans by way of introducing to the podium Mr. Tillis's chief rival for the job, Greg Brannon, an ob/gyn in Cary who's going to excite the women in this state into such a stampede for Kay Hagan as you've never seen.

That is if he can win a primary against Tillis -- not a good bet at the moment, but as we know, Republican primaries are wacko these days, and Greg Brannon is straight out of Wacko Central Casting. On the other hand, Thom Tillis hasn't, as they say, "gained any traction" in his own quest, which is indeed saying something, considering that Kay Hagan used to be ranked as the most vulnerable Democratic incumbent running for reelection next year, and Mr. Tillis is so, you know, well groomed.

Me? I'm with Erick Erickson!

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