Thursday, August 29, 2013

OMG, NCGOP, WTF? Don't Look Now, But One of Your Own Candidates Gets It

There are probably plenty of registered Republicans who might agree in private with Jason Thigpen (see what follows), but so far few are willing to say it out loud. This from "The People's Business" blog on the Fayetteville Observer site:
Jason Thigpen of Wilmington, the underdog Republican seeking to unseat incumbent Republican Rep. Walter Jones in North Carolina’s 3rd Congressional District, bucked his party and issued a scathing broadside today against the state’s new Voter ID law. 
“You can paint a turd and sell it as art, but it's still a turd,” Thigpen said in article on his campaign’s Facebook page. “This is 2013 and any legislator that puts forth such a discriminatory bill should be laughed out of office. This is America, not Russia.”
My sainted mother, who thought words like damn, durn, darn, and especially shit were obscene, pure and simple, and we were never ever to use them, well, she didn't feel the same way about a good country term like turd, which was a pure noun of substantive reality to her. Our high school basketball coach felt the same way: "Run, you little turds!"

Proud to see that Jason Thigpen thrives in that vein, and that he can still recognize a turd for what it is.

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