Friday, August 23, 2013

Civitas Plays Aunt Pittypat

Luke Eggers (WRAL)
The Art Pope Civitas Institute has jumped into the Watauga voting rights battle on the side of Luke Eggers and Bill Aceto, the two Republican members of the Watauga County Board of Elections, taking this tact:
"The Watauga County Board of Elections meeting took place on August 12, with a newly appointed Republican member. The lone Democratic member, Kathleen Campbell, cursed throughout the meeting and condescendingly called the Republican board members, Bill Aceto and Luke Eggers, “boys”. And just like Mondays at the legislature, the attendees at this meeting screamed and booed and chanted throughout the meeting."
"...cursed throughout the meeting..."? According to the videotape, Kathleen Campbell said "damn" twice. We realize that Clark Gable's "damn" at the end of "Gone With the Wind" caused a big stir across the nation, but that was 1939, and this is 2013, and it seemed to dozens in that audience that day -- who were, indeed, kicking up a voluble fuss, no doubt about it -- that the suppression of voting ease being rammed through the Watauga County Board of Elections deserved a good deal saltier language than a mere couple of damns.

As far as the horrifying act of calling the Republican members "boys" ... on reflection that moniker seems pointedly appropriate for capturing the total lack of preparation exhibited by the two ... men. They came into that meeting with very complex printed resolutions in their hands that would change the voting landscape of Watauga County in very substantive ways, yet they didn't want to share the content of those resolutions and didn't in fact seem to know what those resolutions said and implied, because, well, they were written by Big Brother.

"Boys"? Would "puppets" sound any better?

The author of that Civitas face-fanning article linked above is one Susan Myrick. That name might ring a bell. She was prominently mentioned last night on Rachel Maddow's live show from Elizabeth City as the Civitas staffer who sat next to the Pasquotank County Republican Party Chair as he successfully challenged the right of a black Elizabeth City State University student to run for city council.

It's certainly the policy of Art Pope's Civitas Institute to applaud the suppression of young and black voters across the state, though they hide their true agenda behind the lace hankies of a supposedly shocked sense of propriety. Civitas certainly expresses no shock at the transparent attempt to discriminate against a class of young and black voters.

They damn well better get ready for a lot more damn cursing.


DavidT said...

I wonder about the wisdom of allowing non-elected officials to have this kind of power. They are not responsible to the citizens if they're not elected.

Anonymous said...

So then you would remove Holder, Sebelius, Kerry, and the rest of the Obama appointees? And all of the Supreme Court Justices? And all of the NC State judges who were appointed? None of them apparently are not responsible to the people since they were not elected.